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The Financial Cryptographic Server is an effective physical device to ensure data security of banking system. It is mainly used to encrypt and decrypt data at the host application layer, verify message source correctness, and key management etc. It is widely used in bank card issuance, ATM / POS transactions and related systems, and can also be used in social security, public transportation, electricity, education and other industries. It has a comprehensive key management system, offering hardware noise sourced random number key generation and manual input interface of the key to prevent attacking behaviors on the communication channel. Sansec encryption product line includes SJJ1212 financial Cryptographic Server and SJJ1327 high-performance financial Cryptographic Server and other products.


■ Comprehensive Key Management: IC card key management system including key generation, key distribution, key diversification.

■ Encryption and Decryption of different application layer data.

■ Protection for messages and transaction integrity (MAC and TAC verification)

■ Protection for personal PIN (Encryption, conversion, verification for PINBLOCK)

■ Verification for validity of Card and PIN (CVV and PVV).

■ Encryption of Data (DES, 3DES, AES, SM4 etc)

■ Digital signature and verification (RSA and SM2 etc)

■ Data Digest (SHA1, SHA256, SHA 512, SM3 etc)

■ Crypto Envelop print function

■ Compliance with PBOC 3.0

■ Compliance with ANSI X3.92-1981,ANSI X9.52-1998,ANSI X3.106-1983

■ True random numbers generated by physical noise sources

■ Tailored linux of unnecessary system modules and services to reduce security vulnerabilities

■ Tailor-made system platform: disc devices allow hard boot to improve the strength of the system.

■ White list and connection password: white list and connecting passwords offer services of authentication and verification of application server to enhance security.

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