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Product introduction >>

SecStorage is a product that protects the safety of the user data storage. Its main function is to protect and encrypt unstructured data belonging to the user. Supports both disk level storage encryption and file levels storage encryption. Supports local storage including NAS, SAN storage encryption, etc. At the same time, it also provides data access control functions to ensure the safety of the user data.

SecStorage resolves the following problems:

● Only the authenticated user can access data.

● The administrator can't have unauthorized access to data.

● Data encryption protection and isolation.

Product Functions >>

·Security hardware supports standard protocol gateway:

SecStorage supports CIFS, NFS, iSCSI types of protocols, supports gateway forms of transparent deployment, can mount NAS, IP SAN, FC SAN types of storage devices, gateway internals generate and protect secure cryptographic module data keys.

·Transparent Encryption:

Through the agreement and data encryption, the user data is protected. The encryption and decryption process is transparent and cannot be felt by the user.

·Access Control:

Granular data is protected via levels. For file storage,it controls the user's ID, IP address, access time, access to the directory to control user access; For SAN storage, access of users is controlled by the user's ID, IP address, WWNS number. Can be transparently integrated with existing authority management mechanism (CA/AD/LDAP).

·Strong Authentication:

Supports authentication based on digital certificates. After the introduction of the digital certificates, the user access authentication system is more complete and more safe.

·Unified Key Management System:

Combined with SecKMS, it manages user access policy keys and access monitoring and auditing.

Product Features >>

·Highly Efficient Encryption Performance:

Uses secure cryptographic hardware modules to perform data encryption and decryption. Does not use up too much CPU resources and greatly improve the overall performance.

·Security Key Protection:

The key is stored in the encryption card and is controlled through the security policy.

·Support for Multiple Algorithms:

Supports AES international algorithm and SM4 domestic algorithm to meet user demand for algorithms. Guard against key leakage.

·Privilege Separation System:

System administrator, operator, log auditors respectively have their own operation permissions. Prevent access concentration.

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