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One-time Password

System brief:

The dynamic password system is an integrated system of dynamic tokens and dynamic token authentication that can provide dynamic password authentication services for the application system. The dynamic token authentication system consists of an authentication system and a key management system. The dynamic token is responsible for generating the dynamic password. The authentication system is responsible for verifying the correctness of the dynamic password. The key management system is responsible for the key management of the dynamic token. The application system is responsible for sending the dynamic password to the authentication system according to the specified protocol.

System Deployment Diagram

Function of SJJ1212 Financial Cryptographic Server:

In the key management system, the SJJ1212 provides key encryption and decryption, data encryption and decryption, random number generation and other cryptographic services for the generation of the dynamic token seed key, the encryption and decryption of the seed key, the authentication module for the system login, the user management module, the protection key generation module, the seed key generation module, token generation module, token production configuration module, and other modules.

In the authentication system, the SJJ1212 provides the services of dynamic password generation, activation code generation, and unlock code generation for dynamic password authentication, token synchronization, and token-related status management and configuration functions.

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